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Founded more than a decade ago, IKEDA Medical specializes in endoscopic imaging systems. IKEDA endoscopes have continually innovated and broken through from SD to HD, 3D to 4K. As CMOS cameras develop, the number of choices increases. Continuous technological advancements allow procedures to be carried out in a safer manner. 1/2.8” camera provides clear images and true colors. The procedure is even more effective when combined with IKEDA monitors and cold light sources.

Product Feature
1/2.8 SONY CMOS Full HD Image Sensor
1/2.8 SONY CMOS Full HD Image Sensor
1920x1080 Full HD Resolution
1920x1080 Full HD Resolution
Built-In USB Storage
Built-In USB Storage
IPX8 Waterproof Camera
IPX8 Waterproof Camera

1080P Endoscope Camera system 

  • Camera Control Unit-YKD-9103E
  • LED Light Source -YKD-9107E
  • Camera Head -IPX8 waterproof grade
  • 4K Monitor
  • Medical trolley -YKD-2100


YKD-9103E 1080P Endoscope Camera  

  • 1/2.8 SONY CMOS FULL HD Image Sensor
  • Built-in USB FULL HD image storage,  Integrated photo/video recording system

YKD-9107E-LED Light Source

  • Built-in LED cold light source, 20 levels adjustable
  • With memory function, service life of more than 50,000 hours
  • One-click sleep

FHD Camera

  • FHD IPX-8 waterproof grade
  • User-Definable : Photo Capture/Video Recording/Zoom in/Zoom Out/White Balance

4K Monitor

  • 3840x2160 ultra-high-definition image output,showing richer textures and more accurate tissue identification
  • 3840x2160 pixel image output, showing richer texture, more accurate tissue identification
  • Wider color gamut, truly restore the color of organs and tissues, and locate blood vessels, lymph nodes and nerves faster
  • CE/ROHS/FCC certified

Sony CMOS 



  •  Better Dynamic Range: with almost +17dB difference due to pixel well depth.
  • Higher Quantum Efficiency (QE) and Lower Dark Noise: contributes to better image fidelity.
  • Higher Frame Rate: CMOS sensors have better shutter speeds resulting in less image blur.
  • Affordability: despite their high perfor-mance, CMOS sensors don’t break the bank. This allows IKEDA to deliver stellar image clarity without inflating costs.
Product Detail

Camera head

· Full HD imaging (1920 x 1080)

· 1/2.8" SONY CMOS 
· IPX8 waterproof
· Full HD optical coupler C-mount standard

Voltage range (current consumption)

·100-240 V(50 VA)


· 50-60 Hz

Device protection

· 2x T3,15 A

Video system

· Image resolution: FHD 1920 x 1080

· Horizontal resolution: ≥900 TVL
· SNR: 60DB,Tolerance 20%
· Scanning system: Progressive Scanning
· White balance automatically

Recording (Options)

· Image format: JPG 1920 x 1080

· Video format: Full HD 1920 x 1080;
Mpeg-4 (H.264 Codec); Image rate 60fps
· Connection: USB


Video out terminal:
· 1x DVI
· 1x HDMI 
· 1x CVBS
Protection class ( IEC 60601-1)


Safety Class



IEC 60601-1-2


· White balance
· Freeze function
· Zoom in/Zoom out
· Touch Buttons
· USB storage
· Photo capture/Video recording


·  Chinese/English/Japanese/Korean/Spanish/German/Russian
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